There are plenty of reasons why your nails aren’t growing, and you might not know what to do about it. There could be several factors that could hinder the growth of your nails, from what and how you eat to how you lead your daily routine. If you are one among those complaining about weak and brittle nails and looking for reasons to treat this problem, then your first step is to know the top six reasons why your nails aren’t growing.

Healthy nails

Lack of healthy nutrients in the diet:
Lack of proper nutritional food can impact your nail growth. Damaged and brittle nails are a sign of zinc, protein, or iron deficiency in your body.
A balanced diet is a key to improve your nail growth. As you know, you are what you eat, and eating the right kinds of foods can only help strengthen your nails and let them grow faster apart from preventing them from breaking.
No proper moisturization:
Moisturizing your nails is equally important, just like you do it to your skin and body. Dry and brittle nails lack moisture, and gently moisturizing your nails and cuticles can help them keep healthy. Make sure you use natural oils to moisturize your nails and stick to this habit daily before you hit your bed. You will be amazed to see how your nails look within a couple of weeks.
Harsh chemicals:
Certain chemicals such as formaldehyde and acetone can damage your nails.
Avoid using nail polishes and nail paint removers that have a high amount of chemicals or acetone. Using such products can dry out your nails, causing breakage. Check the ingredients before you pick such products.
Biting nails often:
Biting your nails is a terrible habit that is not at all healthy for the condition of the nails or your mouth. It is one of the reasons for your damaged nails. For stronger nails, stop chewing or biting your nails and clip them instead.
Health conditions:
Certain health conditions could even be the reason why your nails aren’t growing well. Discoloration, unevenness, ridges, etc. could be due to underlying health conditions. Dry and brittle nails are often signs of serious health concerns. Checking your health issues could let you know why your nails are not growing strong.
Improper usage:
Certain kinds of labor work can damage your nails, not allowing them to grow healthy. For instance, washing clothes, utensils can damage your nails, causing them to break. Take proper precautions so that your nails remain healthy and are less prone to breakage.


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